Tim Paine Swim Wear

Tim Paines budgysmuggler (swimwear) featuring Nathan Lyon the highly successful Australian off spinner

Tim Paine In France relaxing after the Ashes with family. Funny swimmers on.
Tim diving
Tim Paine diving in France
Tim Paine Pink Test number 7 and green and gold smugglers under test whites.
Tim Paine Baggy Green Budgysmuggler with his Test cap 414
Budgysmuggler seen under Tim Paines whites playing opening match of 2019 season Photo from our Tim Paine Cricket Instagram page
Tim Paine 2019 test summer vs Pakistan green and gold budgysmuggler on while keeping
Tim Paine shakes hands with Steve Smith after a NSW and Tas match in Sydney. Interesting to note Steve Smith always has budgysmuggler on often while batting and Tim Paine in number 36 shirt has budgysmuggler showing under his whites.
Steve Smith who wears no 49 and budgysmuggler when he bats seen under test whites.
Steve Smith batting with number 49 and blue budgysmuggler seen.
Steve Smith number 49 and budgysmuggler seen under test whites.
Steve Smith during a one day match 2015. Budgysmuggler and skins trademark to his batting success
Steve Smith batting at SCG pink test 2020 vs NZ budgysmuggler seen under his test whites.