Tim Paine Cricket Gear An Over View What He Wears As Keeper and Batter

Tim Paine is a very prepared wicket keeper Tim wears Kookaburra Wicket keeping gloves often green and yellow in tests

Tim with yellow wicket keeping gloves has kookaburra wicket keeping pads as well.,

The budgysmuggler brand (underwear) is often seen these days under the test whites and worn with his white compression skin tights to help hips and legs stay strong when keeping and moving around.

Paines white compression skins seen. Worn around hips for keeping and batting

Often has sunblock on to protect his skin particularly in extreme heat wise move for anyone

White Sunblock applied. Sometimes the test skipper has this put on by team mates as obviously hard with keeping gloves on.

Tim Paine Batting Gear

Tim is very professional in the way he applies himself to his cricket training and for about the last 5 years it often happens he will be given help by a younger team member to prepare for the day or even at drinks breaks having a fresh pair of gloves or even pads changed.

Paine uses Kookaburra gear like keeping has a bat, gloves and pads on the legs and wears a thigh pad on his left and right thigh. These are supported by the skins compression tights which now often wears

The compression tights are good but In hot conditions can be testing to wear over 4 or 5 days.

Tim batting and adjusting the skins tights while batting in a recent innings testing at the WACA in Perth.

Tim Paine is one of the most thoughtful cricketers you will meet his preparation is similar to Steve Smith and that he treats his cricket gear with great pride and this is displayed in his results as Australian test wicket keeper and captain