As Australia Look to Win At Lords Steve Smith Bats and Bats and Tim Paine 100 Dismissals as a Wicket Keeper

Steve Smith scored a fighting 92 after a very testing battle with Archer resulted in Smith requiring medical attention. While the hit to Smiths back of the neck was a scary reminder of the 2014 tragic incident at the SCG which tragically claimed Phillip Hughes during a South Australia vs NSW shield match.

Thankfully this time Steve Smith stood up after a few scary moments. Smith retired hurt and thankfully the Australian team doctor Richard Saw looked after Smith and he was recommended to go off and did but returned after some care and tests in the Australian dressing room.

Tim Paine scored a fighting 23 with Smith after batting for 90 mins to make it to Lunch. Australia then took 4 late wickets including Tim Paine taking his 100th dismal in test cricket. 95 catches and 5 stumping are certainly impressive for Paine in his 23rd Test Match.

Tim Paine and Steve Smith

Australia looking to take 6 wickets and set up the chance wining the Lords Tes an exciting day awaits.