Is Test Cricket Being over looked in 2020 by Cricket Australia Schedule.

2020 has been a year of great challenges for many given Covid19. It has seen people lose a lot in life and taken many lives around the world.

It is no doubt very challenging for all businesses and sports but it’s about finding ways to be flexible and help sport find its feet. In 2020 Cricket Australia have had their challenges mainly questions around the boe scraped world T20 that was scheduled for this year.

That tournament was canceled back in early August leaving CA with opportunity to think about playing test cricket. In June 2021 sees the end of the test world championship which sees tests in every series worth points.

Given Australia May play only 3 or 4 test matches in the calendar year for 2020 (SCG pink test being the last over 9 months ago) this makes it very hard for Tim Paine and his Australian team.

Test Cricket in 2019. Something Australia has only done once so far in 2020.

Having recently spoken to coach Justin Langer about some of the schedule issues their is no doubt that CA who as the cricket board in the country could have done more to play tests in locations such as New Zealand in 2020 something that CA failed to arrange.

Given how close NZ is to travel to this mistake to. NZ is only 3 hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane and playing even 2 extra test matches could have saved Australia and ensured they make next June’s final.

The Indian test series is still yet to be confirmed and given the uncertainty in Melbourne could be 3 weeks away from venues confirmed for the expected mid December start date in Adelaide or Brisbane.

The Sheffield Shield and state one day competitions are yet to have confirmed start dates. Since 2013 the state matches have started in September. 2020 will see the latest start to a home summer in decades and the most disorganised.

Cricket Australia need to get moving it’s now September 20. People want to plan their summer.

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