Tim Paine is Australian crickets Long Term Leader and His Team Mates Adore Him

Tim Paine is a credit to Australian cricket current Australian Head coach Justin Langer who calls him “One of Australian crickets most important players” while Former Australian batter and Captain Ricky Ponting has called Paine a long term leader after doing so well.

A lot of praise for most judges and last summer it was such a shame to see a player who I have no time for question Australian team not just Paine. That ex player has lost my respect for his sudden crap then this season backs Paine after being proven wrong.

In 2019 the Australian test team won 7 test matches at home a record rarely matched in 12 months even in Australia strong teams over the last 20 years that result is outstanding plus winning 2 tests in the Ashes in England.

In 2019 our website admin Dan Stapleton attended many test matches and Australian training sessions. This sport and Australian cricket need more people to write and cover the sport with passion. Tim Paines story is one to follow.

Australian cricket is full of positivity thanks to the test captain and the amazing team of players he has.

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