Tim Paine Leading Australia As Captain Wicket Keeper Not As Umpire

Australian Test captain Tim Paine like his 10 team mates in the current Old Trafford 4th Ashes Test Match his job and main function is to play test cricket. He has to set fields. Pick bowlers to open and when to change them as the days and sessions and overs pass by.

Cricket and test cricket in particular as a major problem and it’s called umpiring and lack of high standard and world class Test match umpires. The current DRS system or captain challenge is a total failure for the International Cricket Council (ICC) the captain of each test team and bowler along with the slips, gully, point and in field should not have to challenge every close umpiring call the system has been failing for at least 5 years as the reviews have challenged a number of times currently 2 successful challengers per innings per side. If a captain and his team get a challenge wrong they lose a review.

The total crazy thing is Tim Paine and his men are trying to get 20 wickets in each test match he or Joe Root of England should not have to challenge or question umpires. Not only does it make players challenge umpires it also has a very negative impact on player and umpire relations as test cricket can see players get rightfully upset and annoyed at poor umpiring.

Australia should just play cricket and look t score runs or take catches and wickets. Leave the umpire to check for LBWs or run outs and Stumpings and catches that may be out or not out. Cricket looks messy currently because of poor umpiring and the players are not to blame for incorrect decisions. Test cricket is becoming a lottery and that is never the way it should be. Test cricket is about bat vs ball and skill and accuracy.

One thought on “Tim Paine Leading Australia As Captain Wicket Keeper Not As Umpire

  1. The standard of international umpirng in the ashes series and the 3rd test in particular was appalling. Tim Paine should never have to challenge a decision that is clearly out. How do umpires get to internatainla test cricket without perfroming at acceptable levels in lower grades of the game?. On an incredible day of test cricket in the 3rd test the Australian captain had to deal with dud umpiring as well. It is of great credit to him as a cricketer and as a human being that he was able to rally the team and win the fourth test. Tim Paine is a man of our times and a captain we can all be proud of


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