Tim Paine Australian Test Skipper and Character

Tim Paine a man who most forgot apart from the person who started this website! We backed him in a real man Tim who knows his cricket! A fine respectful person who can restore respect and true values in the proud baggygreen.

Tim Paine dressed in the Australian captain blazer in Dubai on October 7 2018 wearing Australian Test shirt 414, Baggygreen Cap, Australian White pants and black skin tights (under his white pants)

It’s sad that even a former player such as Ed Cowan who in my view should be more supportive at least publicly of Paine.

I always felt Paine had the ability to be a leader and Test captain and it’s no easy task leading as a Wicket keeper but Paine does it remarkably well.

Often communicating with his bowlers between overs moving up to the stumps or even changing helmets or hats. All at the same time. Having time to adjust his field.

Paine below on our Insta page “Tim Paine Cricket”.

Australian cricket needs characters and real people. Tim Paine is exactly that andhe encourages others like Adam Zampa to be the same. Zampa has applied his own trademark of being a vegan in the Australian sporting landscape. It’s not easy being a leg spinner with budgysmugglers and headbands on but that’s Zampa and the way he best expresses himself as anyone should.

More to Come

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