Tim Paine Leading Doing His Best – Australian Cricket Surroundings

For any professional athlete they must be surrounded by people who are subject matter experts. Businesses do not hire people who don’t understand the basic needs of their industry.

Australian wicket keeper Tim Paine doing his best in trying conditions of UAE. Australia facing Pakistan in 2 Test Series October 2018

Australian captain Tim Paine needs to have

support from those around him. Justin Langer is also the new head coach and being accompanied on tour by a rookie media man who has never been around cricket before as an alarming development and one of concern.

Cricket Australia need to find the right people to support a young Australian team trying to find its feet. Langer is highly professional and the smartest of cricket brains he expects those around him in the support environment to understand these basics. These things affect the chemistry of the team long before batting or bowling averages are even examined it’s about getting the right mix of people on tour.

Malcom Conn should be the media communications manger a senior writer in the sport for over 30 years. Tim Paine and the team deserve better for Australian summer and 2019 World Cup and Ashes tour.

The disappointing thing is now Australia have to bat for 2 days with 8 wickets remaining and have people around them who don’t understand the team environment of test cricket.

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