Cricket Characters In Review Adam Zampa Leg Spinner with Character Famous Vegan

Adam Zampa is perhaps the best well known leg spinner in Australia currently. Until recently a main stay of Australian sides from 2016 until 2018. Zampa plays in many T20 comps around the world the CPL in the West Indies with Jamaica and in the English T20 Comp with Essex.

Zampa is a real character in a time when Australian cricket is searching for its next heros. Adam is a vegan and often posts on his social media channels where he has found Vegan food places that he eats at. Also a famous player for his hair styles having copied off what we think is his idol Tim Paine (both look similar with the blonde hair at times).

Zampa also known to wear budgysmuggler (Aussie swimwear) at the beach and when playing cricket. Just like his famous ball towel that he carries in his playing pants. Also often wears sweat bands like Tim Paine does.

Adam Zampa Australian leg spinner, headband, wristband, Ball towel, budgysmuggler (multicoloured brand). Character of Australian Cricket. Skill, Style, Balance, charm.

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