Tim Paine Plays on With Hit to Face after Nasty Bounce in Testing ODIs With England

Tim Paine the tough Australian captain again displayed his mental toughness to block out a nasty injury and complete the 2nd ODI after a lifting seam bounced twice as Paine bent down on his knee to collect the ball in his gloves only for a late bounce to lift higher than expected and hit his face including a tooth to being adjusted and then removed by the Australian Team doctor on the field.

It’s very important for Australia that Tim Paine plays on for some time given his invaluable experience while Australia wants to win every match it’s also very important in the long term to have some stability for a fine side that Australia is striving to be. His on field actions and inspirational moves to play on with Pain have been evident over last Ashes summer when hit on the hand in Perth and Adelaide tests. Then a painful blow while keeping up to the stumps to new Australian pace bowler Chadd Sayers with South African Keeper batsman De Kock on strike.

Game 3 with England takes place on Tuesday at Trent Bridge

Tim Paine the tough Australian Captain Who Leads Australia with Inspiring Actions

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