Tim Paine Changes the Australian Cricket Approach As New Test Skipper Puts More Respect Back Into Cricket

New Australian Cricket Team captain Tim Paine, a man trying to not just lead a test team and a national sporting team but also find Australia’s pride in its national team once more. Australian sport fans love the national cricket team.

At the start of the 4th Test Match Paine shock hands with the South African team. It was a idea thought of by Paine Australia crickets 46th Test Captain. A man of great strength and desire. Tim is as honest and passionate of Australian Cricket as a Ricky Ponting or Justin Langer Someone Australian Public can trust.

Tim Paine at the Toss Start of the 4th Test

Tim Paine has been watching “a lot of soccer on SuperSport (South Africa Sports Pay TV) and Tim got the idea and approached the South African camp before the 1st days play and both captains agreed to Shake hands after the national anthems. A nice gesture by Paine as Australia look to establish a new image and look to respect the history of the Baggy green.

Tim is a very superstitious Cricketer has been for most of his career bats with sweat bands on his arm. Since hip injuries some years ago also keeps and bats in compression skins under his whites ( which is still quite uncommon as most players to chose to wear these after play by means of recovery and not during a match) He also often changes batting gloves many times during an innings. So it was no surprise to see Tim thinking of adding things to the team ritual list which will have positive impact on the team.

I hope the Australian Public can grow to admire Tim and the new look Australian team which will play out after this test match, not just over the remaining 4 days of the 4th Test Match in Johannesburg.

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