Australian Cricket Needs Tim Paine Cool, Smart, Team Man Natural Leader

Tim Paine has suddenly become Australian crickets most influential player. Leading from the pack. Tim is a experienced player and highly respected Australia Cricket wide.

Few people know Tim well as he is such a private person and admits to enjoying a low profile but things for Painey have suddenly changed his private nature will suit him well given the circumstances he has taken over the Australian captaincy from Steve Smith and Vice Captain David Warner.

Right now Australian Cricket needs a highly respectable assured leader. Paine is exactly that few people know Tim well but I am lucky enough to over the years being at his state matches and even some grade matches and recent test matches he has always had leadership opportunities. Tim enjoys interacting with his team mates and asking their thoughts on the state play and where they feel comfortable playing. Paine is very organised and particular has set routines which sets him in good stead as a leader.


Tim Paine batting at SCG Nets 3 January 2018 Ashes Test Eve Pics by Dan Stapleton

Painey is what Australia needs and tonight (Thursday) he will do his first pre test media conference as Test skipper when he names the Australian side for the 4th Test Match starting tomorrow.

This test match is about Australia finding the right balance the right approach they need to be careful not to change to much as altering players natural games can be dangerous. Paine will know the right approach some changes here and there but Steve Smith was a fine captain so Painey only needs to modify what he feels is suitable.

When Australia returns home this team will need very big support going forward and Paines leadership and steady head is required. It’s not easy being a wicket Keeper, batting and captaining but that’s Tims role and will do it well. Neat hands, neat salad and respectable leader.

Tim Paine is the man long term for Test Cricket Captain of Australia.

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