What A Summer For Tim Paine And Australian Cricket

Tim Paine 3 months ago would never have thought this Australian Summer was possible winning Ashes series and performances with bat and gloves of the highest possible standards. Then playing a fine hand in a some what disappointing ODI series for Australia against England losing 4-1. Then playing just one Match in the BBL To date a semi final win in Perth over the highly successful Perth Scorchers Paine’s Hurricanes won the match to move into Sunday’s final.

Above All photos of Tim Paine by Dan Stapleton

Paine has been amazing for years in my view very unlucky to not play for Australia I always felt was more talented but actually suited the Australian Team values particularly at Test Cricket where he has an outstanding yet short Test career to date. Tim always plays the team role so well putting himself in line to constantly perform at his best.

Just like Steve Smith and David Warner Painey has always had the talent but he was for many reasons out of his control over looked for state selection and this amazed many at national and even other states as everyone regarded Tim so highly as a cricketer and a person.

Now Tim can look back on a Great 2017/18 Aust summer as his finest over a career that has lasted 12 years to date. Many more to come well done Tim.

Inspirational to the Nation.

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