Tim Paine Outstanding 2nd Ashes Test Performance

Tim Paine below Was Outstanding in the day night Adelaide Ashes Test Match a record crowd flooded the ground to watch the champion keeper score a home test match best of 57 in his 2nd test at home. Paine was hit on the finger a couple of times but batted on strongly in a determined and typical Paine like fashion.

Clean takes and crisp movements are Paine’s trade marks and he made several catches look easy on the 5th day as Australia wrapped up the 2nd test to take a 2-0 series lead with 3 tests to play.

Tim Paine scored 68 runs (57 and 11) for the test match and has found the confidence that he had several years ago when scoring a fine 92 in India during October 2010.

Paine looks and feels a key part of Steve Smith’s Australia Team and perhaps now can find his feet in International Cricket and have a good run after all he deserves it worked very hard very pleased and happy for our mate Tim.

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